Kathy (ticky_ticky) wrote in talk_soup,

im an awful person

i get tossed aside, im a bitch.
i get hurt, im selfish.
i want to cry when i see him, im an ass.
i dont understand why, im a jackass.

your life is awful. both of yours. things are always so bad. you cant find happiness unless you are both depressed. wondering why the world hates you so. i remember a time in my fucking life when you cared about me. and i was important to you. or when i worth taking time to say hello to. but on the other hand i remember when i wasnt. and when i could so easily be put aside, forgotten, hurt. its kinda funny but i remember being treated like shit more clearly than i remember being treated like a friend.

you dont want anything to do with him. how often did you say that. how often did we hear how he was bothering you with the touching and the flirting. then you are all kinds of ok with it. thats great. i have nothing against you guys wanting to be together. thats your choice. and i hope you guys can be happy. but happiness isnt something that i see either one of you ever fucking wanting. you dont get sympathy for happiness.

does he know how you still feel about shawn. how the other day, not too long ago..when you were spending time with us that you pulled your fone out of your purse and you damned him for not calling you all day. i know you werent talking about remmy. he always calls. are you being honest with him?

why do i even fucking care. be cause i am a jackass. i put way too much faith in some ppl.

he says that ive burnt him. thats fucking funny as hell to me. i never pushed him aside. i didnt forget he existed. when jake and i started dating i still saw him. i called him. i said fucking hi when he walked into a fucking room. i still wanted to hang out with him. i guess that makes me weak.

shes pissed because i didnt go to her and say these things..yet on more than once occasion i recollect sitting with both of them in the fucking room saying something. i guess im just a bitch.

an awful awful fucking person.
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