Kathy (ticky_ticky) wrote in talk_soup,

journey...running...just going...cruisin...growing...i dont fucking know right now

ive never really wanted this as bad as i do now. its so far beyond wanting tho. it seems as if it trully is a necessity. im losing my mind more and more each day. if i dont go quickly i know that i will end up staying, that isnt true, but the longer i stay the more dificult leaving will be. it wont be easy in the first place. ramble ramble. ya know what makes me want to go really bad right now. tim. yup. tim. i dont want to be like him at all. i know i dont know him at all but i KNOW that i dont want to end up like him. i can see how his life is gonna turn out. i dont want that. i cant have that.
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